This is a little about who I am and what I can do for you.

I’m a rural Pennsylvanian native from the Pocono region. From an early age I was blessed with a strong work ethic and great people to learn trades from. Although he passed at way to early an age my father did pass on to myself and my brothers an uncanny mechanical aptitude. Where most kids may have received birthday presents like bikes or board games I received tiny pipe fittings from his work. I thought it was the coolest gift ever. There lies the beginning of my love for tinkering and learning how things worked.

     The next 35 years was an exploration of knowledge which will never end. Thanks to an older brother I learned how to run plumbing lines by the time I was 12. Maybe you think that is young however you will find that this is not uncommon. I was just lucky enough to be one of those guys to have great people around him. Spending my days on construction sites and always curious of what the other guys were doing opened the doors to learning everything from forming concrete to framing to mechanical to finish and everything in between. It was in my mid 20’s that I was awarded the opportunity to work for a company in the Philly region that installed home theaters. I am a bit of a “Geek” when it comes to anything in the electronics world so this opportunity suited me just fine for over a decade. I can honestly say that working for that company and the people in it was the most fun and exciting venture thus far. Learning how to get a wire from one end to another of a finished home with little or no damage has proved to be a great arsenal of knowledge over the years. For close to another decade I spent managing the maintenance of 12-15 single home rental properties in the Philadelphia suburbs. It is here that I had to learn how to jump from one type of repair to another is short periods of time. That many homes require you to be able to fix pluming, lay carpet, lay tile, lay flooring, electrical, painting, etc. That list of things to do can fill a book.

     So long Wawa, cheesestakes and scrapple. Hello Sheetz, Bar-B-Q and livermush. I had never been to the great state of North Carolina up until a visit over Thanksgiving recently. It is one thing to recognize a beautiful area when the grass is green and the trees are full, but I instantly fell in love with this part of the county even with all that missing.

     Now that I’m a newly proud resident of this great state I would love to pass my knowledge and experience on to the great people of this region. I may not have the dialect being the “Yank” that I am but I hope Y’All will still accept me. From what I have seen so far the old adage of “Southern Charm” is no farce. At every turn I have been welcomed with open arms.

    This was certainly the place to come for Fresh Beginning.